Prolific Producer, Rich Brown Eggs, Increased egg weight of up to 2 grams

The Hy-Line Brown Plus has all the benefits of the Hy-Line Brown with increased egg weight of up to 2 grams.  The Hy-Line Brown is the world's most balanced brown egg layer. She produces over 355 rich brown eggs to 80 weeks, peaks well and begins lay early with optimum egg size. These traits combined with an excellent temperament, unrivalled feed efficiency, the best interior egg quality in the market and unbeatable liveability and feather cover, plus enhanced egg weight give the Hy-Line Brown Plus the perfect balance for Enriched Colony and Alternative production systems, which means more profit for the poultry producer.

With the Hy-Line Brown's superior performance and world beating efficiencies it's the perfect choice for a more profitable future.