Ventilation technology keeps chicks at optimum temperature

Ventilation technology keeps chicks at optimum temperature

Published: 1 March 2018

Hy-Line UK have become the first breed company in the UK to introduce a Veit purpose-built chick carrier designed in conjunction with Brno University, to ensure all the chicks within the load are kept ventilated at the optimum temperature using a unique 3D filtered airflow.

After a visit to Veit Electronics last year, HyLine decided that investment in professionally built chick carriers was the way forward. This was not only to improve chick quality, but also provide back-up systems and real-time monitoring alarms to help manage unexpected situations.

A chick will always be negatively affected during transport. The challenge is trying to reduce these adverse effects as much as possible. By raising the standard of chick transportation, together with their partners at Veit, Hy-Line UK believe they are well on the way to improving chick quality for their customers.

The vehicle employs what Veit has branded "Eco Transport Technology", by recycling waste heat from the HGV engine, through heat exchangers within the vehicle, the would-be wasted engine heat is then used to keep the chicks warm.

The system also uses the electrical energy generated by the vehicle to run the ventilation and keep the batteries fully charged.

The new vehicle has been in use for two months and, so far, there has been a marked increase in the quality of the chicks arriving at the farm. So much so, Hy-Line have ordered another two for delivery in early 2018.