Reaching Unlimited Potential

Reaching Unlimited Potential

Published: 1 March 2018

An Update from the President

Hy-Line has a rich history of innovation, and we continue to wave that banner proudly.

We invest a significant portion of our annual turn-over in research efforts, making it one of the most important investments for our future.

We have a great responsibility to meet diverse global demand. We must deliver, in a timely manner, the laying hens producing outstanding performance. Our commitment to innovative research and development has never wavered. It is a solid foundation that is producing accelerated genetic progress.

You, our customers, need more powerful genetics to increase your profits – more superior eggs from more efficient birds for longer periods of time. As you will read in this issue of Innovations, Hy-Line is transforming genetic selections to give you just that.

We are reaching unprecedented potential in egg numbers, persistency of lay and egg quality in birds at older ages with our improved genetic progress and expanded research facility. Our new research farm to be constructed in 2018 will provide even more performance data past 100 weeks on all our lines to ensure accelerated rates of genetic progress in persistency, rate of lay, and egg shell quality.

Hy-Line has the layer varieties to suit all markets, housing and climatic conditions, plus local sales and technical staff. The future is bright for customers with Hy-Line layers. As always, thank you for your trust.

Jonathan Cade,
President, Hy-Line International