Join us for Webinar Wednesday - Managing Heat Stress in Layers

Join us for Webinar Wednesday - Managing Heat Stress in Layers

Published: 29 July 2020

The next in our webinar series will consider the impact heat stress can have on the health and profitability of laying flocks, along with management advice to help mitigate the effects, including guidance on ventilation from an industry expert.

Our guest speaker and industry expert on ventilation is Justin Emery.  Justin is currently Co-Director of draperCARE, part of the draperGROUP and the senior ventilation consultant. The draperGROUP consists of ventilation, heating, husbandry and on-farm specialists to the livestock and horticultural industries.

Justin has SAC National Diploma in Poultry Sciences, UCW Aberystwyth BSc Agriculture and 15 years as a poultry industry consultant with ADAS specialising in ventilation and working with all the main UK integrators. He provided policy, on-farm advice, collaboration and training Defra, AHVLA, FSA, Universities and Trading Standard, chaired the East Midlands Poultry Discussion Group and was a judge for the Poultry Farmer of the Year Awards. He joined the draperGROUP in 2011  to commission and advise clients on using bespoke ventilation systems after bird placement for all classes of poultry.